The Resurrection of Jesus

“The Resurrection of Jesus” by Fr. Emmanuel Del Rosario. From the Stations of the Cross panels enshrined in Holy Cross Parish, Krus na Ligas, Quezon City.

“… and he saw and believed.” (John 20:8b)

A notable line in the Easter Sequence (a.k.a. “extended Gospel Acclamation”) Victimæ Paschali Laudes says: SURREXIT CHRISTUS SPES MEAM (Christ my hope has arisen). It may be very timely to reflect on this line on this Easter Sunday:

Sa panahon ng tila namamayaning kawalan ng pag-asa, ang Kristyano ay hinahamong tumanaw sa mas maaliwalas na bahagi ng buhay. Bagamat may mga suliraning kinahaharap ang bawat isa sa atin at ng lipunan, hinahamon tayo ng ating pananampalataya upang magnilay sa Krus at Banal na Libingang Walang Laman. Sa gayon, tinuturuan tayong magkaroon ng totohanang pag-asa sa Diyos nating wagas magmahal.

On that first Easter Sunday, the Lord Jesus Christ renewed the faith of his holy Apostles and disciples. St Peter himself saw and believed the ever great miracle and reality of the Divine Master’s resurrection.

We too can both see and believe that there is still hope for ourselves, our families and society, and the world at large. Thanks to people of good will who strive, by their example and living, to be just and humane in a world that lacks justice and kindness – in a world in need of experiencing the Divine Mercy.

On this most holy day of days, let us CELEBRATE HOPE! This hope comes from the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ who is ever sensitive of everyone of us. He is alive! The goodwill we received from him and which we pay forward is a sign of hope for others in their want and suffering. Let us also pray that we who witness and experience goodwill may truly see and believe that there is still hope in this troubled world in need of God’s mercy – that there is still mercy in man. And this mercy in man is God’s gift of Divine Mercy.

Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen! There is hope. There is Christian hope! And God’s good will gives us the hope of his glory and his mercy. Furthermore, we are made to pay forward this God-given good will. Hence we will be true witnesses of Christ’s Paschal Mystery.

Amen. Alleluia!